Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO) Compliance Web-tool

WATTGURURPO is a Renewable Purchase Obligation Compliance System (RPOCS) web application catering the Renewable Purchase Obligations (RPOs) monitoring and reporting needs for State Nodal Agencies (SNAs) and Obligated Entities (OEs). The application is designed to provide flexibility and simplicity to report compliance on month/quarter/annual basis.


  • Secure login credential
  • Multiple and role specific logins
  • Verification and vetting at every stage by authorities
  • Real-time changes and updates


  • Compatible with least system requirements
  • Report download option in PDF format


  • Multiple user types offered, considering role of authorities
  • OE can submit, edit and generate report aytime
  • Customisable report formats for OE and SNA
  • Master admin can update the RPO percent anytime


  • Simple functioning and display
  • Simple steps divided in stages
  • Different locations for different document uploading
  • Hassle free accurate report generation
  • Reduced paper work

According to the Electricity Act (EA), 2003 and corresponding policies, the State Electricity Regulatory Commission (SERC) has specified from time to time obligations for the OEs to purchase power from the renewable energy (RE) sources, which are defined as RPO.

SNAsare entrusted with the responsibility of monitoring and reporting the RPO compliance of OEs, i.e., distribution companies (DISCOMs), open access (OA) consumers, and captive consumers. However, RPO enforcement has been weak due to an inefficient framework for RPO compliance monitoring and reporting.
RPO compliance monitoring is crucial for ensuring, the annual RPO targets are met and non-compliance is brought to the regulators’ attention in a timely manner for necessary regulatory punitive action.