Intelligent Transformer Monitoring Solution (i-TMS)

WATTGURUi-TMS is an intelligent Transformer Monitoring Solution (i-TMS) developed based on a holistic approach to enable continuous monitoring of the power transformer. The solution was built by incorporating Indian and International Standards to predict power transformer’s health regularly.

Power transformers are one of the most poorly monitored assets in the power sector. The scale of investment and operations and management (O&M) cost associated, along with the level of uncertainty and opaqueness surrounding the asset, makes it a real pain area for any distribution company(DISCOM).

The advanced analytical capability of WATTGURUi-TMS will assist DISCOMs in eliminating unforeseen failures by continuously monitoring the critical parameters, predicting internal faults, extending asset’s life, improving reliability, developing an adaptive testing plan and ultimately improving the revenue generation.

WATTGURUi-TMS can be customised based on existing infrastructure to minimise implementation cost.