Qualified Coordinating Agency(QCA)

WATTGURUQCA provides a range of functionalities required by various regulations and eligible parties to operate as a Qualified Coordinating Agency (QCA) for a pooling substation.

Forum of Regulators’ (FoRs) Model Forecasting and Scheduling (F&S) Regulations stipulate the idea of having pooling substation as the basic building block of F&S and deviation settlement mechanism.

A typical pooling substation will have multiple wind and solar generators connected to it. These renewable generators have different owners with varied off take arrangements. Hence, an institutional structure in the form of ‘QCA’ requires positioning to coordinate F&S and commercial settlement of deviations with renewable (Wind/Solar) generators and the State Load Despatch Centres (SLDCs).

Key features of WATTGURUQCA

  • Provide schedules with periodic revisions as per existing regulations on behalf of all renewable generators connected to the pooling substation(s).
  • Responsible for metering, data collection/transmission, communication and coordination with distribution companies(DISCOMS), SLDCs and other agencies involved.
  • Undertake commercial settlement of all charges on behalf of the generators, including payments to the state Unscheduled Interchange(UI) pool accounts through concerned SLDC.
  • Undertake de-pooling of payments received on behalf of the generators from the state UI pool account and settling them with the individual generators.
  • Undertake commercial settlement of any other charges on behalf of the generators as required from time to time.
  • Provide weekly/monthly/quarterly energy account statements (as applicable) of RE generators/pooling substations.